A holistic microclimate model

Output Options Panel

This panel summarises the different output settings for the actual simulation.

Filenames and Destinations

Gives an overview on the location, name and timing of the Output Files. (Used alias will be shown in explicit form here.)

Press “Show active alias” to see an overview on the alias known to the model.

The alias file MYALIAS.DAT is loaded only at the start-up of ENVI-met.
If you have changed something, press the “Reload…” button.

Please note, that [PROJECTS] is the default folder where you should store your models.
The correspondig folder was selected during the SETUP procedure.
If you need to change this folder location, you need to edit ENVIMET.INI in the ENVI-met program folder!

Receptor Output

Summarises the number of receptors found in the Area Input File and (optional) in the [RECEPTORS] section of the Configuration File.
The output interval is selected in the [RECEPTORS] section.

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