A holistic microclimate model

[TIMING] Section


The model offers the possibility to change different timing settings for processes that are not calculated for each time step.
You should not use larger intervals than the default values.

ENVI-met will check the time steps and give error messages if problems exists. These errors must be taken seriously.

00: [TIMING___________________Update & Save Intervals
01: Update Surface Data each  ? sec             =30.0
02: Update Wind and Turbulence each ? sec       =900
03: Update Radiation and Shadows each ? sec     =600
04: Update Plant Data each ? sec                =600

What do the lines mean?

01: Update Surface Data (Default 30.0 s)

Re-calculation of surface temperature and humidity.

02: Update Wind and Turbulence (Default: 900 s)

Interval for updating the flow field and the turbulence data (kinetic energy and the exchange coefficient) in the atmosphere.
Turbulence is only updated, if turbulence mode “0” or “1” is set (see Turbulence Section). If the continuous mode (2) is chosen, turbulence is not updated but calculated all the time.

Continuous wind calculation NEW

You can also choose to calculate the wind field for each time step.
To do this, set update interval to “0”. (makes only sense when the turbulence mode is “2”)
However, this will require very small time steps for the flow field and makes the simulation very slow.
This is a test option to make a tribute to high-end computers from your local supermarket. Not really tested, but should work.

03: Update Radiation and Shadows (Default: 600 s)

Update of the sun position, the shadows and the radiative fluxes from the sky.

04: Update Plant Data (Default: 600 s)

Recalculation of leaf temperature, stomata resistance and other plant parameters.

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