Surface/Flux Receptor File: Data

This section describes the different data field found in the surface/flux receptor files. Only time series files will be produced for the surface data (see Receptor Files).

Data contained in the surface receptor files:

Date - Date of the Model Time (String)
Time - Model Time of Clock at Output (String)
modTime min Model Time in min since Start
z m Always zero, for compatibility with the other Receptor Files
T0 K Surface Temperature
dT0/dt K/h Change in Surface Temperature (see Remark 1)
q0 g/kg Surface Humidity
uv1 m/s Horizontal Wind Speed above Surface
w1 m/s Vertical Component Wind Speed above Surface (positive: upward)
T1 K Air Temperature of Grid Point above the Surface
H W/m² Sensible Heat Flux
LE W/m² Latent Heat Flux
G W/m² Soil Heat Flux, positive: directed into the soil
Km m²/s Mass Exchange Coefficient at Surface
Kh m²/s Turbulent Exchange Coefficient for Heat at Surface
Qkw.Dir W/m² Max Direct Shortwave Radiation (see Remark 2)
Qkw.Dif W/m² Max Diffuse Shortwave Radiation
Qlw.Budg W/m² Longwave Radiation Budget of Surface
Qlw.Surf W/m² Longwave Emission of Surface
Qlw.Sky W/m² Absorbed Longwave Radiation from the Sky (see Remark 3)
Qlw.Leafs W/m² Absorbed Longwave Radiation from Vegetation (see Remark 3)
Qlw.Envir W/m² Absorbed Longwave Radiation from Environment (Buildings)(see Remark 3)
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