A holistic microclimate model

Remark 4 - Flux per Unit Leaf Area

All Fluxes are given per Leaf Area Unit (m²). To get the Absolute Energy Flux, multiply by the Leaf Area Density.

Fluxes given in Energy:
W/m² per Leaf Area Unit multiplied by LAD [m²/m³] = W/m³ (Flux per Volume)

Fluxes in other Units:
K* m/s * LAD [m²/m³] = K/s (Point Source Temperature per Volume)
(g/kg)*m/s* LAD [m²/m³] = (g/kg)/s (Point Source spec. Humidity)

Value is 0 if no leafs are present.
Positive sign is flux from leaf surface into the atmosphere, negative is other way around.

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