A holistic microclimate model

Remark 1 - ClassLAD

The classed LAD info is mainly used for visualisation purposes.
The LAD is grouped into 5 classes with an individual ID.

The grouping is as follows:

Class 1:  LAD 0 to <0.5 m²/m³     ID: 11
Class 2:  LAD 0.5 to <1.0 m²/m³   ID: 12
Class 3:  LAD 1.0 to <1.5 m²/m³   ID: 13
Class 4:  LAD 1.5 to <2.0 m²/m³   ID: 14
Class 2:  LAD above 2.0 m²/m³     ID: 15

When visualising using LEONARDO, these classes will automatically be created on the “Special” Layer when pressing the “Use ENVI-met default”-Button in the 2D Settings Dialog for the “Special” Layer.

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