A holistic microclimate model

Output Files generated by ENVI-met

ENVI-met generates heaps of data for every simulation. To navigate through the enormous amount of bytes, you'll may need different programs for assistance.
Some of the output files are simple ASCII-files which can be read by your favourite software, whatever it might be. Others, mainly the main output files are binary files that must be read with the program XTract (ASCII- output) or LEONARDO (graphical output).

Xtract is a simple tool with which you can extract data from the binary output files and write them to ASCII files. It is included in your ENVI-met program distribution. For a detailed description see the help file of Xtract.

LEONARDO is a graphical interface for displaying and analysing numerical data (not only from ENVI-met).
It is also free and can be downloaded from the UNCONVERTED WINHELP MACRO:! ExecFile www.envimet.com

The Output Files generated can be separated in four groups:

  • Main Data Files

Contain the complete state of the 3D model, including the atmosphere, the surface and the soil.
These files can get very big and they are stored in binary format.
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  • Receptor Files

These files are generated if you define receptors inside the model area to watch specific points in more detail. Receptor files are ASCII-files and normally much smaller that the main data files.
On the other hand, you might get quite a lot of them depending on the number of your receptors used.
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  • 1D Model Files

Contain the vertical profile data of the one-dimensional model in ENVI-met in ASCII-format.
Those files are mostly used for cross-checking or for finding problems.
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  • BOTworld Files

Are providing climate data for the BOTworld model.
The climBOT model is a multi-agent simulation system that is not a part of the ENVI-met model itself.
For more information, have a look at the ENVI-met website.
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