====== Main File Surface/Flux (_FLX_) ====== This section describes the different data field stored in the main file for the surface and fluxes at the surface (..._FLX_...).\\ This file is only two-dimensional with a constant z=0. The data stored in the .EDT files are in binary format and can be extracted using LEONARDO or XTract. ^FIELD ^UNIT ^MEANING ^ |z_topo |m |Absolute Height of Model Ground Surface (always 0 in recent version)| |T Surface |K |Ground Surface Temperature| |T Surface Diff |K |Difference of Ground Surface to Reference Surface| |T Surface Change |K/h |Change of Ground Surface Temperature| |q Surface |g/kg |Specific Humidity of Surface (availabe vapour)| |uv Above Surface |m/s |Wind Speed at the First Grid Level above Ground Surface| |Sensible Heat Flux |W/m² |Sensible Heat Flux into the Air (+: towards air)| |Exchange Coef. Heat |m²/s |Exchange Coefficient for Heat between Surface and Air| |Latent Heat Flux |W/m² |Sensible Heat Flux into the Air (+: towards air)| |Soil Heat Flux |W/m² |Heat Flux into Soil (+: directed towards deeper layers)| |SW Direct Radiation |W/m² |Direct Shortwave Radiation reaching Ground Surface| |SW Diffuse Radiation |W/m² |Diffuse Shortwave Radiation reaching Ground Surface| |Lambert Factor |0..1 |Value of Lambert's law for Solar Angle| |Longwave Radiation Bud. |W/m² |Longwave Radiation Budget of Ground Surface| |Longwave Rad. from Vegetation |W/m² |Longwave Radiation received from Vegetation Layers above (see [[Remark 1 Flux|Remark 1]])| |Longwave Rad. from Environment |W/m² |Longwave Radiation received from Buildings (see [[Remark 1 Flux|Remark 1]])| |Water Flux |g/(m²s) |Water Flux from/to the Ground Surface| |Sky-View Factor |0..1 |Sky View Factor for z=0 (buildings only counted)| |Building Height |m |Height of Building Top (0 if no building assigned)| |Surface Albedo |0..1 |Albedo of Ground Surface (see [[Remark 2 Flux|Remark 2]])| |Deposition Speed |mm/s |Deposition Flux of analysed Pollutant Component| |Mass Deposed |µg/m² |Mass deposed at Ground Surface in µg|

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