A holistic microclimate model

====== Main File Atmosphere (_ATM_) ====== This section describes the different data field stored in the main file for the atmosphere (..._AT_...). The data stored in the .EDT files are in binary format and can be extracted using LEONARDO or XTract. //<-- please scale window for correct formatting ! -->// ^FIELD ^UNIT ^MEANING ^ |z |m |Model Height of data (Cartesian coo.)| |Classed LAD |- |Classified LAD and ID for buildings (see [[Remark 1]])| |Flow u |m/s |Wind Speed u-component| |Flow v |m/s |Wind Speed v-component| |Flow w |m/s |Wind Speed w-component| |Wind Speed |m/s |Total Wind Speed| |Wind Speed Change |% |Change of Wind Speed comp. to inflow| |Wind Direction |deg |Direction of the Wind Flow relative to geographic north| |Pressure Perturb |Pa |Relative Pressure Perturbation| |Pot. Temperature |K |Potential Air Temperature| |Pot. Temperature (Diff K) |K |Potential Air Temperature difference to inflow| |Pot. Temperature Change |K/h |Change of Air Temperature with time (see [[Remark 2]])| |Spec. Humidity |g/kg |Specific Humidity Air| |Relative Humidty |% |Relative Humidity of Air| |TKE |m²/s² |Turbulent Kinetic Energy| |Dissipation |m³/s² |Dissipation of TKE| |Vertical Exchange Coef. I. |m²/s |Vertical Turbulent Exchange Coefficient Km| |Horizontal Exchange Coef. |m²/s |Horizontal Turbulent Exchange Coefficient Km| |Absolute LAD |m²/m³ |Leaf Area Density| |Direct SW Radiation |W/m² |Shortwave Direct Radiation (see [[Remark 3]])| |Diffuse SW Radiation |W/m² |Shortwave Diffuse Radiation (see [[Remark 3]])| |Reflected SW Radiation |W/m² |Shortwave Direct Radiation (see [[Remark 3]])| |Longwave Rad. Environment |W/m² |Longwave Radiation received from the environment| |Sky-View-Factor Buildings |- |Sky-View-Factor (only buildings considered)| |Sky-View-Factor Buildings & Vegetation |- |Sky-View-Factor (buildings plus vegetation considered)| |Temperature Flux |K*m/s |Temperature Flux from Vegetation per Unit Leaf Area (see [[Remark 4]])| |Vapour Flux |g/kg*m/s |Vapour Flux from Vegetation per Unit Leaf Area (see [[Remark 4]])| |Water on Leafs |g/m² |Amount of Liquid Water on Leafs| |WallTemp Cellborder x |K |Wall Temperature Wall x-axis (see [[kb:walls|Knowledgebase - Wall Temperatures]])| |WallTemp Cellborder y |K |Wall Temperature Wall y-axis (see [[kb:walls|Knowledgebase - Wall Temperatures]])| |WallTemp Cellborder z |K |Wall Temperature Wall z-axis (see [[kb:walls|Knowledgebase - Wall Temperatures]])| |Leaf Temperature |K |Temperature of Leafs in Grid Box| |Local Mixing Length |m |Mixing length calculated from the TKE-Dissipation |PMV Value |- |PMV value (see [[[PMV]|[PVM]-Section]])| |PPD Value |% |Percentage People Dissatisfied (see [[[PMV]|[PVM]-Section]])| |Mean Radiant Temperature |K |Mean Radiative Temperature| |Gas/Particle Concentration |µg/m³ |Concentration of selected Particle or Gas in microgram| |Gas/Particle Source |µg/s |Emission Rate of Particle or Gas Source in microgram| |Deposition Velocity |mm/s |Deposition Velocity (only at surfaces)| |Total Deposed Mass |µg/m² |Total Amount of Mass Deposed to Ground or Leaf Surface Unit Area since Start (see [[Remark 5]])| |Deposed Mass Time Averaged |µg/(m²s) |Average Amount of Mass deposed per hour (see [[Remark 5]])| |TKE normalised 1D |- |TKE normalised with 1D Profile (E/E_1D)| |Dissipation normalised 1D |- |Dissipation normalised with 1D Profile (Eps/eps_1d)| |Km normalised 1D |- |Vertical Km norm. with 1D Profile (Km/Km_1D)| |TKE Mechnaical Prod |- |Turbulence Production due to Wind Shear (Tensor Deformation)| |Stomata Resistance |m/s |Stomata Resistance of Plant |CO<sub>2</sub> |mg/m³ |CO<sub>2</sub> Concentration (if A-gs Model used, see [[[PLANTMODEL]|[PLANTMODEL]-Section]])| |CO<sub>2</sub> |ppm |CO<sub>2</sub> Concentration in ppm (") |Plant CO<sub>2</sub> Flux |mg/kg*m/s |CO<sub>2</sub> Flux per Unit Leaf Area (see remark 4) |Div Rlw Temp Change |K/h ||Air Temperature Change due to Longwave Flux Divergence |Local Mass Budget |µg/(s*m³) |Local Pollutant Mass Budget of Grid Cell (-: Net Deposition)

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