A holistic microclimate model

====== Main Data Files (EDI./EDT) ====== Files using the **.EDI/.EDT** file extension are **binary** files and must be read using the **XTract-Tool** which is shipped with the ENVI-met distribution or with the software package **LEONARDO** (see website ''UNCONVERTED WINHELP MACRO:! ExecFile''www.envi-met.com for free download). The **.EDI-File** is the **information file** of the corresponding .EDT file which contains the** data**. Both files are needed to extract data successfully. However, most .EDI files may be restored using an editor or by copying another .EDI file from the same simulation. There are 3 different .EDI/.EDT files written in a storage process. Each of them begins with the filename base specified in the .CF File under "File base of Output Files:" For this description we may assume that your file base is "**''MySim''**". Therefore, all files generated by ENVI-met during this simulation will start with "''MySim''". The Output Files are organised in different sub folders of the main output folder (see .CF file) in order to have a better overview. For each output process you will get: * [[Main File Atmosphere (_ATM_)]] (output folder)\Atmosphere\MySim_AT_<time> <date>.EDI/EDT\\ <fs smaller>This file contains the state of the three dimensional atmospheric model with size i * j *k.\\ The actual number of variables in the files is selected in ''SELECT.VAR''</fs> * [[Main File Surface/Flux (_FLX_)]] (output folder)\Surface\MySim_FX_<time> <date>.EDI/EDT\\ <fs smaller>Contains the two dimensional field with size i*j containing **surface parameters** such as temperature, humidity and so on. The number of variables written in this file cannot be selected.</fs> * [[Main File Soil (_SOI_)]] (output folder)\Soil\MySim_SOI_<time> <date>.EDI/EDT\\ <fs smaller>Holds the three dimensional soil model with size i* j * 14.\\ The number of soil grids is fixed to 14 and the variables written into the files cannot be selected. </fs>

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