A holistic microclimate model

Main Data Files (EDI./EDT)

Files using the .EDI/.EDT file extension are binary files and must be read using the XTract-Tool which is shipped with the ENVI-met distribution or with the software package LEONARDO (see website UNCONVERTED WINHELP MACRO:! ExecFilewww.envi-met.com for free download).

The .EDI-File is the information file of the corresponding .EDT file which contains the data. Both files are needed to extract data successfully. However, most .EDI files may be restored using an editor or by copying another .EDI file from the same simulation.

There are 3 different .EDI/.EDT files written in a storage process. Each of them begins with the filename base specified in the .CF File under “File base of Output Files:” For this description we may assume that your file base is “MySim”. Therefore, all files generated by ENVI-met during this simulation will start with “MySim”.

The Output Files are organised in different sub folders of the main output folder (see .CF file) in order to have a better overview. For each output process you will get:

(output folder)\Atmosphere\MySim_AT_<time> <date>.EDI/EDT
This file contains the state of the three dimensional atmospheric model with size i * j *k.
The actual number of variables in the files is selected in SELECT.VAR

(output folder)\Surface\MySim_FX_<time> <date>.EDI/EDT
Contains the two dimensional field with size i*j containing surface parameters such as temperature, humidity and so on. The number of variables written in this file cannot be selected.

(output folder)\Soil\MySim_SOI_<time> <date>.EDI/EDT
Holds the three dimensional soil model with size i* j * 14.
The number of soil grids is fixed to 14 and the variables written into the files cannot be selected.

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