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 +====== Link Area Input File to PROFILS.DAT ======
 +Connects the soil-IDs used in the [[Area Input File]] to the [[profiles database profils.dat|PROFILS.DAT database]].
 +===== Possible Problems & Solution =====
 +==== ENVI-met reports Missing Profiles and replaces them ====
 +One or more soil-IDs used in the Area Input File are not defined in PROFILS.DAT database. \\
 +ENVI-met has replaced them by the default profile (the first profile in the database). \\
 +The profile is either really missing in the PROFILS.DAT database or the ID used in the Model Area is different.
 +**Attention:​** Space is also a character! ''"<​SPACE>​s"''​ is not the same as ''"​s<​SPACE>"''​!!!
 +**Don'​t forget that the [[kb:​nesting|Nesting Grids]] also demand a soi-lID! ​
 +Here, the same rules apply as for the "​normal"​ inner grids.**