A holistic microclimate model

Initial Data Setup

The Main Configuration File is read and parsed.
The different MYALIAS.DAT are replaced by the real directory names and the dimensions of the model area are checked.

Possible Problems & Solution

Model Area is too large for Program Version

Your Area Input File is too large.

Remember: the Nesting Grids will be added at all 4 borders and, if using a constant vertical grid, the lowest box will be split into 5 sub-boxes.
If you can, use a bigger ENVI-met Version. The largest version available is 250x250x25 (see also website for updates or changes).
If you think you have a computer that can handle larger versions than that, send me an e-mail and I will build a new version for you.
(But before doing so: Try the 250×250 version and see what it means for your PC….)

ALIAS cannot be resolved

Alias must be defined in MYALIAS.DAT. If this file contains wrong or missing data, the parser cannot build the correct path to your files

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