A holistic microclimate model

====== Case Study: Air Pollution====== {{ ::examples:ap_ozone_3d.png |Test model 267 x 160 x 30}}\\ <WRAP centeralign>//A complex test layout to analyze O3 in a city.//</WRAP> The Air Pollution Case Study is a complex (2000 x 1200 x 90 m) model that was used analyze the concentration and distribution of O3 in an urban area. ==== Download Model Files ==== This is a simple example containing the .INX file and the .SIMX file used to run the Case Study simulation. <WRAP box 90% center :en> ^ Link ^Content ^Comments ^ | [[http://envi-met.info/public/cases/airpollution/airpollution_modelfiles.zip|AirPollution_modelfiles.zip]] | Model Files (Area Input File .INX plus Configuration .SIMX)| Please extract into a folder in your workspace directory. [[filereference:output:atmosphere|→ View File Reference]]| </WRAP> ==== Download Sample Results ==== The model results below have been calculate using the full version of ENVI-met (BUSINESS/SCIENCE). The outputs generated by the free BASIC version contain much fewer data. <WRAP box 90% center :en> ^ Link ^Content ^Comments ^ |[[http://envi-met.info/public/cases/airpollution/atmosphere.zip|Atmosphere.zip]] |Atmosphere Data |Extract to disc and view with LEONARDO as 2D or 3D Map| |[[http://envi-met.info/public/cases/airpollution/pollutants.zip|Vegetation.zip]] | Pollutant Data |Extract to disc and view with LEONARDO as 2D or 3D Map| </WRAP>

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