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 +====== Preview Solar Radiation ======
 +===== Objectives =====
 +This dialog allows to preview the solar radiation values that will be used by ENVI-met in the actual simulation. In addition, the user can test the effects of different solar adjustment factors on the radiative fluxes.
 + {{ ::​preview_radiation.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +The left hand side of the dialog shows the following information for the hours form 4 a.m. to 21 p.m. of the first day of the simulation:
 +  * Sun height in degrees (0°= horizon) ​
 +  * Sun azimuth in degrees (180°= South) ​
 +  * Shortwave direct radiation in [W/m²] on a **surface perpendicular to the incoming sun** (maximum possible value of direct radiation) ​
 +  * Shortwave direct radiation in [W/m²] on a **horizontal surface** ​
 +  * Shortwave diffuse radiation in [W/m²] on an non-obstructed horizontal surface ​
 +  * Global radiation in [W/m²] on a horizontal surface
 +On the right hand side, the last three components are displayed as graphs.
 +When opening the dialog, the **adjustment** value shows the actual value stored in the [[solaradjust|[SOLARADJUST] Section]] (or the default value of 1). You can modify this value to see the effects on the radiative fluxes. Press "​Update"​ to refresh the tabular and the graph.
 +//​**Changing the adjustment value in this dialog has no effect on the actual simulation!** \\
 +The intention of this dialog is to provide a quick tool to find out if and how much the solar adjustment should be used to fit the ENVI-met radiation values to your observed values. \\
 +**After you have found an appropriate value, you must use the [[solaradjust|[SOLARADJUST] Section]] in the Configuration File in order to use this value in a simulation**. \\
 +All changes done in this dialog will be lost after closing the dialog! //