A holistic microclimate model


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 +<fs xx-large>​ENVI-met updates for version 4.4.3 (Summer 19)</​fs>​
 +<WRAP left round important 60%>
 +To use an existing license, this release requires a one-time automatic license key update for licensed users which needs administrative interaction. In a running project or class, it is recommended to allocate a free time slot for this process. Further information about the license conversion can be found [[http://​www.envi-met.net/​hg2e/​documents/​2019_How_to_convert_Licenses.pdf|here]]
 +<WRAP left round box 60%>
 +<fs x-large>​Major updates</​fs>​
 +  * ENVI-met: Added a new license system: **PCs need to be connected to the internet at start of a simulation**. [[http://​www.envi-met.net/​hg2e/​documents/​2019_How_to_convert_Licenses.pdf|Here]] are some **important information** about converting your license
 +  * ENVI-met: Increased performance due to datatype conversion of timestamps
 +  * ENVI-met: Fixed stability issues: less errors (especially for several simulations running parallel on 1 PC) -> eliminated canvas draw errors
 +  * ENVI-met: Bugfix Pollutants: now works correctly in parallel mode
 +  * ENVI-met: Bugfix Vertical SingleWalls:​ They got too cold since they did not receive any shortwave radiation
 +  * ENVI-met: Changed the filename structure of output files to be ordered chronologically -> YYYY-MM-DD_hh.mm.ss
 +  * ENVI-met: Added more location information to INX and EDX files for Nesting purposes of Winter release (UTM Zone, more accurate coordinates)
 +  * ENVI-met: Added remote license registration on multiple PCs
 +<fs x-large>​Bugfixes/​ Changes</​fs>​
 +  * SPACES: Bugfix: If no building material available (e.g. from Monde export), the default ID is now 000000 instead of 000001 which did not exist
 +  * SPACES: Bugfix of 2.5D CutArea Tool: BuildingNrs and trees are now shifted correctly
 +  * SPACES: Bugfix: Plants or buildings were displayed one grid cell above ground in 3D
 +  * Monde: World location is now updated automatically if shapefiles are imported, location settings are saved more accurate in INX file (lower left corner of subarea)
 +  * Monde: Enhanced the postpressing tool for exporting model areas: Add specific SimplePlants on specific soil ID
 +  * LEONARDO: Bugfix SolarAccess:​ Can now be displayed again
 +  * LEONARDO: Export Map Layer now CSV as default, since Excel is not possible for model areas larger than around 250x250 gridcells
 +  * ENVIGuide: Small Bugfixes in Labels and Warnings (BackgroundConcentration,​ Sources, Timesteps)
 +  * ENVIGuide: Added possibility to adjust minimum flowstep in Advanced mode
 <fs xx-large>​ENVI-met updates for version 4.4.2</​fs>​ <fs xx-large>​ENVI-met updates for version 4.4.2</​fs>​
-**We strongly recommend updating to the newest version** 
 <fs x-large>​Major updates</​fs>​ <fs x-large>​Major updates</​fs>​
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   * SPACES: Add Empty Cells Bugfix   * SPACES: Add Empty Cells Bugfix
   * SPACES: Apply Roof/Wall Material now saves correctly   * SPACES: Apply Roof/Wall Material now saves correctly