A holistic microclimate model

ENVI-met updates for version 4.4.2

We strongly recommend updating to the newest version

Major updates

  • ENVI-met: Increased the computational speed of the simulation
  • ENVI-met: User interface now stays responsive while simulation is running
  • ENVI-met: Added more precise error messages
  • ENVI-met: Added a console version
  • ENVI-met: Added a “silent mode” - ENVI-met and ENVI-met console can be started using parameters (Example: envimet4.exe ABSOLUTEPATHTOWORKSPACE PROJECTNAME SIMXFILE.SIMX)

Bugfixes/ Changes

  • SPACES: Fixed bugs where “ghost cells” appeared when building cells were deleted
  • SPACES: Preview of vegetation cells was shifted and not indicated correctly
  • SPACES: Gridding of buildings in detailed design mode featured a bug were y-walls would be missing
  • ENVI-met: Season calendar was corrupted for the winter half year
  • ENVI-met: Increased numerical stability when single cells were surrounded by buildings from all sides
  • ENVI-met: Wind output fields were corrupted (only outputs, no calculations), wind directions with negative U or V wind components (i.e. wind from north or east) were visualized incorrectly, all other parameters were not affected

ENVI-met updates for version 4.4.1

Major updates

  • LEONARDO: No more size limitations in model area outputs; the allocated memory only depends on system
  • The full forcing manager now expects relative humidity values instead of the specific humidity
  • Added an auto-updater to ENVI-Headquarter
  • Telescoping can now be used in combination with splitting (the lowest grid box is split into 5 subcells to get more information about the conditions close to the surface)
  • Default CO2 concentration is now 400ppm
  • Default TKE solver is now TKE_Bruse
  • Default lateral boundary setting is now Simple Forcing (open boundary condition is deprecated)

Minor updates

  • Business licenses can edit CPU demand in the ENVIGuide
  • Added a summary page to the ENVIGuide
  • Improved compatibility with Virtual Maschines and other restricted environments
  • Solar access now suported for high latitudes (days longer than 4.00 to 21.00)

Bugfixes/ Changes

  • ENVI-met: The solar radiation reaching the plant leafs was too high
  • ENVI-met: When buildings are placed on DEM, the lowest gridcell of the building was not stored correctly
  • ENVI-met: Calculation of sun hours in high latitudes corrected
  • ENVIGuide: Smaller Bugfixes to CO2, Full Forcing, and Pollutant page
  • MONDE: Setting a new map via .SHP File Import now works correctly
  • MONDE: Cut to Area Tool Bugfix
  • MONDE: Bugfix to load routines of project/user database
  • SPACES: Cut to Area Tool Bugfix
  • SPACES: Add Empty Cells Bugfix
  • SPACES: Apply Roof/Wall Material now saves correctly
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