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-====== Licensing BioMet ====== 
-===== Added functionalities ===== 
-Buying a professional license of BioMet will (at the moment) enable for you options to calculate PET, SET and UTCI in ENVI-met BioMet. 
-===== License Conditions ===== 
-<WRAP center round box 80%> 
-Before deciding to buy a license, you should check if your model results are compatible with BioMet. ​ 
-You can easily do so by directly starting the BioMet App in ENVI-met V4 and let it calculate the PMV/PPD for you.  
-If this works, the other parameters will work as well.  
-Professional versions add a number of functionalities to the base applications. 
-The warranties and liabilities for these extensions only cover these added functionalities,​ not the underlying software system as whole.\\ 
-Before you order these add ons, make sure that the ENVI-met model system itself is applicable for your subject of work and that it  
-can be used in the way you intend to use it. \\ 
-There is no refunding of licenses if you discover later that ENVI-met -for whatever reason- does not give satisfactory results for your application case. 
-**Software support is through our forum only.** 
-===== Upgrading to the Professional Version of BioMet ===== 
-You will find the instructions how register the software in this document:​[[http://​www.envi-met.info/​public/​files/​docs/​Quickstart_biomet.pdf| Biomet Quick-Start]] ​ 
-Note, that so far, Biomet Pro is not part of the STUDENT or SCIENCE license. 
-===== Buying a BioMet Professional License ===== 
-Follow this link to get an indidivdual license key from ShareIt!: [[http://​www.shareit.com/​product.html?​cart=1&​productid=300632831&​stylefrom=300632831&​backlink=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.envi-met.info%2Fhg2e%2Fdoku.php%3Fid%3Dapps%3Abiomet_license|Buy]]